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 Local 3 union matters, should be directed to Judha Mouton (Local 3 Acting President/Financial  Secretary/Treasurer) at Judhamouton@gmail.com or Ryan Kelly (International Vice President) at Ryan@spfpa.org.

  It was a pleasure to have represented you and we wish you all the best.  Thank you all very much.

Darryl Hill

President Local 3 SPFPA


November 18, 2020


November 10, 2020


November 05, 2020


September 28, 2020

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Financial assistance update

August 17, 2020

The Board has met and agreed on extending the financial assistance eligibility period, for those that contracted COVID-19, to October1, 2020 barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Also, while reviewing documentation submitted by some PSOs and D/Os, it was discovered, union dues were not being deducted from some employees' paychecks.  Most stated, they didn't know dues were not being collected.

While this is unfortunate and not in the Local's control, one of the requirements for receiving financial assistance is that you must be a dues paying member in good standing. The Board has also discussed this matter and concluded the following:  While the company makes deductions from your paychecks and issues the funds to the International, it's each employee's responsibility to become, remain and maintain their membership in the Union.  This includes monitoring their paychecks and ensuring dues are being deducted.  If there are any discrepancies or stoppage, it's the employee responsibility to inform the company or the union of any issues.  Since it is ultimately the employee's responsibility to pay dues, we have voted not to make any exceptions in those cases.

Lastly, I want to make clear to all, a question I keep getting from members. Why can't we just give everybody money?  In short, there are IRS 501 (c) rules and guidelines that we must follow. And within those rules, certain criterias must exist and be followed, in order to help our members monetarily. And it's for those reason, myself, the financial secretary and some of you, who falls outside those guidelines, are excluded from receiving the Local's financial assistance at this time. 


Darryl Hill

Local 3 President


July 22, 2020

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Financial assistance update

July 09, 2020


The pandemic continues to affect us all.  As such and in support of our members, your Local Executive Board has voted to continue the financial assistance program, which was already approved by the union members, to now include, those affected by the pandemic, who didn’t qualify for the first round of assistance.  This includes the following: Full time or part time dues paying member.  Not to include the following: Those who have already received any Local 3 financial assistance.



Protected Security Officers whose regular hours prior to 03/15/2020, were reduced or shortened, a minimum of four pay periods after 03/15/2020 and before 07/10/2020, due to the pandemic or forced by the company. (Paragon)

Detention Officers whose regular hours prior to 03/15/2020, were reduced or shortened a minimum of two pay periods after 03/15/2020 and before 07/10/2020, due to the pandemic or forced by the company.  On call Officers working the hotels and hospitals included. (Spectrum)

The shortened hours should be “company enforced” (prescribed or required by the company) and NOT a personal choice, such as a vacation/personal day(s), refusal of work or sick/military leave.  It should likewise not be attributed to a suspension, FMLA, expiration of credentials or termination.



1). A onetime Emergency Financial Assistance check of $2,000 to any Union member/s infected with Covid-19.  The officer will be required to provide a doctor’s certificate.  Prorated if after you already received 1,200 financial assistance.

2) A onetime Emergency Financial Assistance check of $1,200 to members whose hours were reduced or shortened for the minimum pay periods stated above will be issued.


Please send your request and required supporting documentation for assistance to Local3FinAssist@Gmail.com.  Supporting documentation must include One (1) pay-stub reflecting your regular work schedule (per week or bi-weekly) prior to March 15, 2020 and (Spectrum) Two (2) pay-stubs (Paragon) Four (4) pay-stubs showing hours reduced or shortened as a result of COVID-19.  If you contracted COVID-19, you only need to submit the medical certificate for verification.

Failure to follow these instructions may cause a delay with your financial assistance.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

We will assist our members as long as our budget allows.  A report on our financial status will be posted on the Local 3 website for transparency.  It is the individual responsibility of the officer to declare and pay, if required, any federal and state taxes due for the financial assistance. 

​Officers who had a recent change of address or cellphone number should notify the Local by email, call or by text.

Any extension of this program will be subject to the prevailing working condition in relation to the pandemic and subject to the Local Board vote. 



Darryl Hill
Local 3 President


June 25, 2020

FAQ: Covid 19

April 9 2020