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Welcome to SPFPA Local 3 Union's Website.

You have taken one step in having a long and prosperous career. We would like to assist you in taking the second step in continuing this journey that you have embarked on. First, many of you maybe sitting here thinking, “Why do I have to join a Union?”


The long legal answer is to change your status as an:

At Will Employee to “With Just Cause.”

Meaning, you are telling the company that they cannot call you into the office and terminate you for any reason they say. You are telling them they must have evidence and hard facts to show why they are letting you go. With SPFPA you will receive representation and support. As an at will employee you get to hope that you get your unemployment benefits.

Really, the short answer to this question is simple. When you become a member of the Union you are giving yourself a voice, a voice to say what you want, and to help make things better for everyone within our Union. The Union is not some far off untouchable corporation that you cannot reach. The Union is every single employee just like you who comes to post every day. That is right, the Union is you. The Union is only as good as you make it. If you Do Not Get Involved, how will you make things better?

We have been fighting together for a long time and you will hear lots of rumors when you get on post. The truth is that a lot of people have sacrificed their careers to get better wages, time off, better benefits, for all of us who stand post guarding buildings and employees of the United States Government. The wages you now enjoy are from all that fought off anti-union actions from fellow officers who stand next to you on post and who have voluntarily given their unpaid time away from their families and obligations to fight. The Union has changed hands many times due to these actions. The Union became weak and negotiated a weak Collective Bargaining Agreement (C.B.A.). Now we have a beginning point and you are on the apex of moving forward with a new board, shop stewards, and a web site that is the hub of keep all of us informed.

Will you give yourself a voice and stand up for your rights, or will you be drowned out by all the echoes of rumors on post that hurt everyone next to you?


We all here at SPFPA thank you for your time and questions. We know that after a long day of training, we all want to go home to our families. Please visit the web site and ask lots of questions when you get out there on post. No question is a stupid question when it keeps you employed and safe.


Take care and hope to hear from you!

President: Judha Mouton of SPFPA Local3